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At Bailey Chiropractic & Rehab we strives to streamline the patient experience. This includes allowing online or telephone scheduling, providing intake forms that can be filled out before your first visit and working to always be on-time. We accept most insurance plans. You can call 971-718-2117 to make an appointment or schedule online here   In order to schedule an appointment online please contact the clinic to verify appointment thank you!

What to Expect:

Your first visit to our office is designed to identify your medical problems and outline treatment goals to restore you to optimal function. As with any medical visit, you'll start by filling out new patient paperwork, accessible at the bottom of this page, to be filled out at your convenience. You will then meet with the doctor to discuss your medical concerns and identify expectations for your treatment. We invite you to bring all of your questions for Dr. Bailey to answer. They will then perform a physical exam and discuss whether x-rays are indicated. Once these results are available, you and the doctor will complete a a specific plan to outline your treatment regimen. 

New Patients: Services
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